Jim Young and Sarah Young are the founders of Van Hollow Pottery creating handmade stoneware including Extreme Forms or large ceramic works that have architectural value for special display opportunities as well as day-to-day functional art pottery including bistro cups, serving bowls, sculpted vases, hanging platters and a vast array of other items. Van Hollow Pottery is located on the Van Hollow arm of scenic Beaver Lake in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas.

         Jim is a master potter with over 48 years experience.  His pottery is well-known for its complex glazing and attention to detail.  He produces functional handmade pottery -high-fire stoneware - for everyday use & unique gifts.


          Sarah's expertise is creating brief travel videos offering insight into the art and culture of many countries.


         You can access a complete video listing of Jim's Pottery Making and Thoughts (11 videos), Inspirational Wise Words, and Sarah's Cultural Arts Explorations (30+ videos) by clicking on the Videos page/link above.


        Galleries: Van Hollow Pottery items are available at The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Store, Bentonville, AR; The Gathering in Rogers, AR;  and Iris at the Basin Park in downtown Eureka Springs, AR.  Call the Galleries to verify their times.  Bistro cups are also available at The Rail in Rogers, AR.


Enjoy a 2 minute

        Introduction to Van Hollow Pottery