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The Sense of Freedom through the Immersion in a Creative Process - based on Jim's Masters thesis. this article examines the psychological, spritual, and philosophical side of art creation ...or view a 25 minute audio visual production click on

Made in Arkansas: Jim Young is 'Talking with Clay' -    written by Emily Beirne for AY [About You] magazine (March, 2021) -

Quotes from Jill Bolte Taylor - My Stroke of Insight - Quotes from the inspiring story of Jill Bolte Taylor's recounting of her recovery from a stroke to her left brain which offers first hand scientific supporting evidence of the unique functions of th right brain/mind.


"Wise Words - 2017" - In the words of Christopher Morley "the only success is to live your life in your own way." This article, compiled by Jim and Sarah Young,  contains wisdoms from over the ages to guide each of us to our own success ...or to view a 18 minute audio visual production click on:


ART FOR LIFE'S SAKE, The Philosophy of Robert Henri - an examination of the philosophy of American painter, Robert Henri (1865-1929) as to conditions that foster what he calls "The Art Spirit."  According to Robert Henri, we each have an "inner song" that we can attune ourselves to hear as we seek expression of that spirit through artfully lived lives.


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