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   The videos below are intended to stimulate interest in pottery making and

to showcase Jim's former teaching activities.


    Also,  we offer insight into the art and culture of other countries

by way of Sarah's brief cultural arts travel videos.

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We invite you to check out these videos:


 Pottery Making and Thoughts:


"Introduction to Van Hollow Pottery" (4 minutes) shows the studio and comments on what's important to us about pottery making - click on


"Talking with Clay" (18 Minutes) - Jim talks about his life as a potter and demonstrates the creation of large irregular forms - click on


"Extreme Forms: Throw it, stack it and throw it!" (35 minutes) - Jim demonstrates techniques for making large thrown forms - click on


"Pottery Details" (18 minutes) is a compilation of images highlighting original Van Hollow Pottery designs and illustrating  a variety of throwing, sculpting, glazing and texturing techniques - click on


"The Sense of Freedom through the Immersion in a Creative Process (25 minutes)- based on Jim's Masters thesis. this video examines the psychological, spritual, and philosophical side of art creation - click on


"40 Years in Clay" (9 minutes) - Jim describes his journey as a potter including pottery making techniques - click on


"Ozark Easy Chicken Baker - Demo" (7 minutes) - Sarah demonstrates how to use and enjoy Van Hollow Pottery's popular chicken baker - click on


"The Bistro Cup" (4 minutes) - Jim demonstrates the making of small wine cups and discusses the inspiration for the original design - click on


"Tom Coleman Workshop - 2013" (10 minutes) - Jim participated in a week-long work taught by Tom Coleman with emphasis on throwing  as well as glazing techniques including the allusive Leopard Spot Carbon Trap Shino. This video summarizes that workshop -

click on


“Colgate University Clay Club - Van Hollow Pottery - Spring Break 2014” (2 minutes) -  Join Colgate University students, Avalon Bunge and Jake Mahr, as they attend a Van Hollow Pottery intensive workshop with Master Potter, Jim Young, in Northwest Arkansas –

click on


“South Korea - Pottery Heritage - 2014" (5 minutes)- South Korean history can be traced through its pottery - from the Sill Dynasty to the inlaid celedon of the Goryeo Dynasty to the elegant white porcelain of the Joseon Dynasty. Join Sarah Young on a brief journey through time tracing South Korea's heritage through its ceramic culture. -

click on


"Current Work 2019 - Jim Young - Van Hollow Pottery" (4 minutes) - Enjoy a musical montage of Jim's current 2019 work.  Click on


"Jim Young & Mike "Cat" at The Gathering in Downtown Rogers, Arkansas (1 minute) - Join Jim Young of Van Hollow Pottery as he is demoing at The Gathering in Downtown Rogers and is joined in creativity by Mike "Cat". Click on


 Cultural Arts Exploration throughout the World


"Northern Peru & The Amazon River" -2011 (21 minutes) - Join Sarah for a journey to northern Peru and its recent archeological findings, then sail down the Amazon into a world of natural beauty - click on


"Bolivia-Colombia - 2012" (19 minutes) - Join Sarah for a journey beginning in La Paz, Bolivia, one of the world's highest capitals - then journey to the floating reeds of Lake Titicaca before flying north to Colombia, a nation overcoming its past and triumphantly entering the future - click on


"South India - 2012" (22 minutes) - Join Sarah on a brief exploration of  South India - the Soul of India - a land of abundant resourses and history observing its cultural, artistic, and religious celebrations of life - click on


“India, Nepal & Bhutan – 2012” (25 minutes) -  Explore the cultural and spiritual landscape of portions of India, Bhutan and Nepal. Visit the potters of Bhaktapur, Nepal who have passed their pottery techniques down from generation to generation - it is the daily art and way of life there – click on


"Finland - Norway - 2013" (19 minutes) - a cultural journey through Finland, the Norwegian Fjords and Bergen acknowledging the influence of its natural beauty on art -

click on


"Coastal Maine, USA - 2013" (10 minutes) - an exploration of the southern coast of Maine with emphasis on the elements of nature that we use to inspire many of the Van Hollow Pottery glazes - click on


"Laos - 2013" (14 minutes) - a cultural exploration of this developing country emphasizing the integration of art, nature, religion and the culture of its people -

click on


"Myanmar (Burma) - 2013" (28 minutes) - Sarah guides us through this emerging country with emphasis on the blend of nature, culture, art and spiritual strengths of the nation -

click on


"Southern Africa: Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa - 2013" (22 minutes) - a compilation containing both urban commentary and a glimpse of the presence of an abundance of nature in the southern part of Africa as it affects the art and the values of the people -

click on


 "Thailand - 2014" (20 minutes) - Join Sarah on a journey to Amazing Thailand - a wonderful tapestry weaving together a country of modern development with a country still focused on ancient traditions and spirituality and a country that honors its royal family.  The tradition of Thai ceramics dates back to the third millennium BC - click on


“South Korea – 2014” (14 minutes) - Join Sarah Young on a journey to South Korea exploring this country's diverse heritage from the times of the ancient Silla Dynasty to the ultra-modern Miracle on the Han River reflecting South Korea's current export-fueled economic growth –

click on


“Springtime  in The Netherlands and northern Belgium” (13 minutes) - Join Sarah on a journey through time in the historic cities of The Netherlands and northern Belgium with 17th Century architecture and ongoing artistic and pottery traditions; witness the extensive canals, rivers and lakes; and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of a springtime enjoying bulbs and plants full of color and fragrance – click on:


“Elbe River Cruise -  2014” (12 minutes) - Join Sarah on a river cruise along the scenic and historic Elbe River - one of the major rivers of central Europe passing along the former border of East Germany  through Saxon Switzerland, Dresden, Meissen, Torgau, Wittenburg, Berlin and Hamburg -click on:


"Norway - 2015 - Hunting the Northern Lights" (5 minutes) - Join Sarah on a Hurtigruten journey through the Norwegian fjords hunting the Northern Lights in March, 2015 -

click on


"Mongolia - 2015 "(13 minutes) - Join Sarah on a journey to Mongolia - from its vast Gobi desert to the grasslands and exquisite lake country - exploring the traditional and exotic Mongolian culture where the ancient meets the modern and the result will take your breath away -

click on


”Morocco – 2015”  (15 minutes) - Join Sarah on a journey to Morocco - one of the most diverse countries in Africa with high mountains, rugged coastlines, the subtropical Sahara, astounding architecture, medieval medinas and kasbahs and a population with strong cultural beliefs creating a rhythm all their own – click on:


"Cuba - 2016"  (10 minutes) -  Join Sarah on a trip to Cuba - to witness the country's rich heritage of its colonial past coupled with the music, art and spirit of the 21st Century - click on:


“England's Garden Heritage – 2016” (12 minutes) - Join Sarah on a journey to England tracing the history of the English gardenscape from Pre-Roman times to the 20th Century- click on:


“Canadian Maritimes – 2016" (10 minutes) - Join Sarah as she travels through the beautiful Canadian Maritimes: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island –

click on:


“Panama – 2016" (13 minutes) - Join Sarah on a journey to Panama...a destination of complexity - a combination of a turbulent history, brisk commerce, spectacular art, Latin culture and incredible nature – click on:


"Bordeaux, Spain & Portugal - 2016" (16 minutes) - Join Sarah on a Grand Circle cultural and culinary journey to Bordeaux, The Basque Country, Northern Spain and Portugal  -

click on:


"Baltic Sea Cruise - 2017" (14 minutes) - For several thousand years, the Baltic Sea has connected the countries on her shores...Join Sarah in visiting these treasure troves of historical, cultural, culinary and natural delights.. click on:


"The Danube River - Eastern Europe" - 2017 (16 minutes) - Join Sarah on a river journey to explore the often turbulent history of Eastern European nations along the Danube River while giving us an introduction to the co-existence of many ethnic groups each with their own language and culture... - click on:


"Reflections of the National Docent Symposium - Montreal, 2017" (6 minutes) - from Sarah Young, a Docent from the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas

click on:


"Japan - 2017" (16 minutes) - Join Sarah on a cultural exploration of Japan  - exquisite art, delicious food, generous people, amazing architecture, distinct culture, futuristic cities & striking natural on:


"Italy's Adriatic Coast plus Malta & Sicily - 2018 (15 minutes) - Join Sarah on a cruise along Italy's Adriatic coast with additional stops in Malta and Sicily enjoying the rich culture, history, art and incredible beauty of this region along the on:


“Minneapolis – 2018” (5 minutes) - Join Sarah on a brief exploration of the art and culture of Minneapolis, Minnesota –  Click on:


"Israel, Egypt & Jordan - 2018" (10 minutes) - Join Sarah on a trip of highlights from Israel, Egypt and Jordan. Click on:


"Paris - Barcelona - 2019" (7 minutes) - Join Sarah as we visit 2 of the world's cultural icons:  the cities of Paris and Barcelona.  We focus on art, architecture and the diverse cultures of the areas.  Click on:


“English Lake District and Yorkshire – 2019” (8 minutes) - Join Sarah for an extraordinary journey through the beauty of English gardens of the Lake District and North Yorkshire – click on:


“Holland – 2019" (9minutes) -- Join Sarah on a journey to the Holland provinces of The Netherlands with an immersion into the art of the "Old Masters" and the effects of the Dutch Golden Age today – click on:

“National Docent Symposium - 2019" (7 minutes) - Join Sarah Young for a brief highlights tour of the 2019 National Docent Symposium held in Washington, DC from October 24 - 27, 2019.  Sarah Young is a guide/docent at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, AR. - click on:


"Seattle and the San Juan Islands"  - 2021 (7 minutes) - Join Sarah on a brief tour of some of the highlights of Seattle and the San Juan Islands- 2021 - click on:  

“San Antonio, Texas” – 2021 (6 minutes) - Join Sarah on a Road Scholar trip to San Antonio...immerse yourself in its history and enjoy the holiday celebrations; click on    


"Sanibel Island, Florida" - 2022 (6 minutes) - Join Sarah on a leisurely trip to beautiful Sanibel Island with its rich cultural and ecological heritage; click on:

"Gardens near Philadelphia" - 2022 (6 Minutes) - Join Sarah on a tour of a few gardens all within 30 miles of Philadelphia....immerse yourself in the extraordinary beauty of this on:

Miscellaneous - Wise Words

"Wise Words - 2017" (18 Minutes) - In the words of Christopher Morley "the only success is to live your life in your own way." This video, compiled by Jim and Sarah Young,  contains wisdoms from over the ages to guide each of us to our own success -click on:

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